The T’s of Mighty Leaf

Patent US 7,938,293 B2

Taste, Touch, Transend

In crafting a new face for ML retail, Mighty Leaf Tea wanted to further the multi-sensory experience of ML through the sense of touch. The new loose tea tin is embossed with the ML logo both on the extended outer cover and inner plug cover. A water pattern printed with complementary varnishes invites the customer to touch and trace the contour of water with their fingertips.

The tin and its matching box both feature telescoping lids. This unique cover (Patent US 7,938,293 B2) extends nearly the length of the body, with no distortion or degradation of the print or embossed images. The unusual cover adds to the drama and mystery of the new tea purchase.


Mighty Leaf Tea found inspiration from nature coinciding with fashion in what has been designed to be a nouveau classic tea line for connoisseurs of luxury.