A Bit of Magic

The “Key” to Cannabis

Planet Canit’s new CR certified EVER-LOCKED™ (Patent No. 11,305,921) metal package with its Companion Key, provides a perfect option for the client who chooses to create a brand in an exciting and unique performance package that maintains freshness, keeps odors from migrating, and prevents unauthorized use.


The EVER-LOCKED™ tight fit closure is so strong that it cannot be opened by hand. Perplexing at first appearance – one wonders how to open it at all.  That said, a user with the knowledge of fulcrums and leverage sees the hidden key as the obvious solution.  User understanding is a key component of this packages security. It is this closure configuration which met the required security threshold qualifying the package as CR certified and in turn provided a unique alternative package for the cannabis industry. Only with the leverage provided by Planet Canit’s hidden magnet-secured companion key can the user get access to the product inside.


The package is intended for reuse.  It is presumed that the consumer will refill the packaging and continue to take advantage of the unique functionality. The product is entirely made of tinplate – 100% recyclable packaging with no degradation. (the magnet-key accessory is a keepsake).  Because of its infinite reuse in other products, it is referred to as a “closed material cycle.”

Planet Canit’s EVER-LOCKED™ metal CR package can certainly be described as environmentally desirable.


Contact us to ask about our EVER-LOCKED custom manufacturing services.  We can create unique, upscale metal packaging for your product or brand.

Patent No. 11,305,921