Planet Canit

Founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Virginia Price, Planet Canit creates unique, upscale metal packaging for product manufacturers and brand marketers around the world. Planet Canit metal packaging is reusable and recyclable.  Consumer safety is assured by using the finest materials and constantly testing for safety, strength, durability, operability, and functionality.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified—our workers are protected, our workplaces are safe, and our products are second to none.

Our international client base and off-shore manufacturing demand business acumen, high-level project management, expert customer care and attention to detail. Clients turn to us when they want custom packaging that is unique in design and unequaled in execution.

Planet Canit is committed to customer delight. More than anything else, we value long term business relationships.

What You Can Expect

A team with 20+ years of experience at conceptualizing and creating unique packaging

Packaging that distinguishes your product

A business partner you can trust

Customized Packaging


Our team of designers, modelers, manufacturers, and marketers work together to help you create, merchandise and market your products.