The “Key” to Cannabis

Planet Canit’s new CR certified EVER-LOCKED® metal package with its Companion Key provides a perfect option for the client who is creating a brand in an exciting and unique performance package that maintains freshness, keeps odors from migrating, and prevents unauthorized use. (Patent Pending)

Contact us to ask about our EVER-LOCKED custom manufacturing services.  We can create unique, upscale metal packaging for your product or brand.

CigaretteCase2_W pc


This one-of-a-kind package is well-positioned to out-pace more traditional packaging. Planet Canit’s certified, child resistant metal cigarette style case has applicability for industries whose products crave uniqueness. It transforms the traditional everyday cigarette box into a luxury item. The savvy consumer will consider the cigarette style tin refillable–not an item to be discarded.

Patent No. 11,040,810

Contact us to ask about our custom manufacturing services.  We can create unique, upscale metal packaging for your product or brand.

An Out-on-the-Road Feel of Adventure

Silver Joe’s Coffee wanted to go to market with a fully-caffeinated, piping-hot beverage that complemented their adventurous spirit. Mindful of the iconic Airstream design–both innovative and timeless–Silver Joe’s Coffee and Planet Canit® saw an opportunity to “jolt” the coffee business in an exciting new direction. Together they created a unique and inviting coffee tin commemorating Airstream’s 75th anniversary. (Patent US D535, 530)

Upscale Vision

The upscale tea emporium’s vision was that of simple luxury. Sleek, eye-catching and upscale, this packaging presents a cohesive urban architectural look. It complements the American Tea Room’s requirement for an edgy, one-of-a-kind luxury brand. (Patent US 7,938,293 B2)

More Than Meets the Eye

Planet Canit’s® ingenuity and knowledge of metal’s inherent capability is the bedrock beneath the creation of the internationally–acclaimed Aquiesse candle tin. Innovative, classic and timeless, the package is recognized for exceptional quality and value.

Get Your Fix

Three maverick entrepreneurs strongly felt that their “curious” concept for high-end, stylish mints could enable them to carve out a profitable niche within the hyper-competitive candy/mint category. They approached Planet Canit, who helped launch them in a profitable direction. Together we created a sleek, elegant, embossed packaging solution that pulled the heart-strings of fashionistas and foodies from New York to LA…eye candy for one chic sweet.

Personality: Big as Texas

Never before, to our knowledge, has any manufacturer truly replicated the shape of the state of Texas in tinplate steel. The 28th state as an 8.5” by 8.5” decorative tin was unprecedented. Planet Canit’s design and production teams helped the entrepreneurs at Texas Collectible Tins™ accomplish their goal of bringing a truly collectible product to the state of Texas.

Transforming Tin

Sweet Assets, a niche candy company serving the financial services industry, needed a more upscale image that wouldn’t bend under pressure (like their current cardboard packaging). Planet Canit found a way to replicate the cardboard design in metal, immediately increasing the durability of the product’s packaging and increasing its perceived value.
(Patent US 7,938,293, B2)

A Square with Flair

The challenge illy presented to Planet Canit was to design and deliver a gift tin package that was large enough to be used for a variety of sizable gift items yet still retain the sleek, spare look that is illy’s hallmark.
Patent: US 7, 938, 293 B2

The T’s of Mighty Leaf

In crafting a new face for ML Retail, Mighty Leaf Tea wanted to further the multi-sensory experience of ML through the sense of touch. The new loose tea tin is embossed with the ML logo on both the extended outer cover and inner plug cover. A water pattern printed with complementary varnishes also invites the customer to touch and trace the contour of water with their fingertips. (Patent US 7,938,293 B2)

Magnet Driven Architecture

The revolutionary tea dispenser’s magnet-to-frame architecture is world renowned for its unique operational design and ultimate flexibility. The premium look with its gourmet kitchen appeal replaces the traditional, cafeteria style racked display.

Battle of Inches

Elite hoteliers wanted The Pleasure Chest to design a unique product to add an exciting new dimension to the traditional in-room offering. The Pleasure Chest needed to make its presence known in the crammed, competitive quarters of the mini-bar.