An Urban Tea Room

Simple Luxury

Patent No. US 7,938,293 B2

Awards: Brand Packaging Design Gallery Winner, People’s Choice Award

The upscale tea emporium’s vision is that of simple luxury. Sleek, eye-catching and upscale, this packaging presents a cohesive urban architectural look. It complements the American Tea Room’s requirement for an edgy, one-of-a-kind luxury brand.

Urban Upscale

After extensive planning and research, the design evolved into a geometrically branded look never before seen in metal: crisp triangular corners. It was not intended to have “mass appeal,” but rather to stand out in an urban setting, appealing to the affluent, urban clientele where American Tea Room stores are located. Its cache was eye-catching simplicity — a winning proposition that attracted design aficionados and consumers with upscale taste, appealing to both women and men and even admired by fashion designers.

Playing Favorites

American Tea Room’s signature packaging seamlessly fit into the architectural design of their flagship store in Beverly Hills, situated in the heart of the Arts District. It was awarded the “People’s Choice” award by Brand Packaging’s Design Gallery – goal met.