Aquiesse Candles

Awards: WorldStar Winner, AmeriStar Winner, Brand Packaging Design Gallery Winner

Notable: Package Design Magazine–Product Focus, Beauty Packaging Magazine–Home Fragrances Luxe Treatment.

Planet Canit’s® ingenuity and knowledge of metal’s inherent capability is the bedrock beneath the creation of the internationally–acclaimed Aquiesse candle tin.

Cutting-Edge Luxury

Innovative, classic and timeless the package is recognized for exceptional quality and value. Its positioning as a beautiful accessory, representative of the Aquiesse luxury brand is visually elegant — exuding shelf impact.  The reflective metal, underneath a deep brown glistening finish, dances light on the embossed logo and body wave pattern to create visual depth. The rolling wave pattern pushes metal fabrication to its limits.

Glistening Features

A patented double-wall construction secures hot liquid wax during the filling process while allowing embossed metal to move irregularly into a textural wave pattern, stopping to outline a fragrance label.  An embossed cover reversed from metallic silver becomes a pedestal, protecting fine furniture from heat and a hidden accessory compartment for custom matches. The special metal glistens throughout.

Debuted at its first gift show, it won best product in its category. Pushing metal to its limits—a world-class package. 100% recyclable