Maximizing the Minibar

Patent Pending

Awards: Ameristar Winner

Battle of Inches

Elite hoteliers wanted The Pleasure Chest to design a unique product to add an exciting new dimension to the traditional in-room offering. The Pleasure Chest needed to make its presence known in the crammed, competitive quarters of the mini-bar.

This package leveraged the power of metal and plastic to ensure that the products inside stood up to the competition.  The patent-pending design met all of the requirements: the contents were fully viewable under the clear plastic cover, any or all of the individual products inside could be removed easily, and the closed package could be set back, upright, in place without disturbing others around it.

The design treatment of the tin was especially compelling in its use of complementary, compatible varnishes to create a watermark look on the tin.  The company logo was subtly incorporated into the mono-chromatic scheme, stating its presence with beauty and discretion.

Planet Canit helped design and manufacture an elegant sliding cylinder solution for the Pleasure Chest that leveraged the power of metal and plastic to ensure that their products stood up against the competition.