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Reimagined and Perfected

Go the Distance

This one-of-a-kind packaging (US Patent No. 11,040,810 B2) is well-positioned to out-pace more traditional packaging showcasing brand ownership among a wide array of products and an explosion of players. Planet Canit’s certified CR metal cigarette style case has wide applicability for growth industries–craving uniqueness–as it transforms the traditional, everyday cigarette box into a luxury item.

Focused on value over cost, and customization over standardization, the highly-stylized case commands attention — differentiating it from the pack. The metal flip-top case creates brand awareness with panache. Stylish, attractive, reusable and secure, this product presentation commands attention in any competitive, rapidly-growing marketplace.

It is clear that those who go the distance, and rise to the top, are those who build a brand and leverage it along the way.


The metal CR cigarette style case embodies the key elements of product design informed by industry need: functionality, security, product freshness and reusability.

The CR mechanism was subjected to rigorous testing before awarded certification.  Once identified as such, the structural design of the metal cigarette style case was finalized to include the CR safety protocols. The result — a package that addresses industry critical requirements: complying with government security laws, maximum product freshness, product differentiation and branding.


The metal package promotes a premium image that is easily branded. It is eye-catching, sleek, stylish, reusable and with its added CR level of security, well-positioned to out pace more traditional packaging in the very competitive and fast-growing cannabis industry. The packaging presents the brand in a way that will catch the consumer’s eye – creating a lasting impression.

The metal cigarette style case is designed for reuse.  Metal is rigid, strong and effectively stands up to repeated use.  It is easy to carry and relatively indestructible.  The package is functional while esthetically pleasing and unlike its generic competitors, presents itself as a luxury item. The savvy consumer will consider the cigarette style tin refillable–not an item to be discarded.

Patent No. 11,040,810