Transforming Tin

Patent: US 7,938, 293 B2

Taking it to the Bank

Sweet Assets, a niche candy company serving the financial services industry, needed a more upscale image that wouldn’t bend under pressure (like their current cardboard packaging). Planet Canit® found a way to replicate the cardboard design in metal, immediately increasing the durability of the product’s packaging and increasing its perceived value.

Patented Protection

In addition to requiring structural stability, the project presented a printing challenge.  One of Planet Canit’s patented (US 793, 293 B2) processes was the solution. The requirement of an elongated printed metal cover with no degradation of inks, perfect text alignment & color matching cover to body–previously un-mastered in decorative tin manufacturing–was not a problem for the Planet Canit’s print and fabrication experts. The result — a strong metal replication of the once unstable cardboard box. Planet Canit’s patented technique was key to providing “high impact” graphics on the octagonal structure.

Eleven Pieces of Short Change

To complete the package, Planet Canit needed to create an interior package as unique as its exterior companion.  A delicate round chocolate coin replica needed to be secured within an hexagonal shaped package. The built-in protection took the form of a thick walled structure with bottom padding and a removable, reusable cover. Made from PVC, a strong yet flexible and relatively inexpensive plastic, the product remained protected while still easy for the consumer to remove.

Eye Catching

The artistic treatment of this tin incorporates vibrant color matches from body to cover. Metallic gold highlights, the embossed image of the product, and the accentuated cover sidewall on an octagonal shape, all differentiate this product on the shelf at consumer eye level. Its satisfying the client’s requirement of providing meaningful advantage for Sweet Assets.™

Who Said it Couldn’t be Done?

Planet Canit helped them achieve the impossible by replicating the cardboard design in metal– something that the traditional packaging manufacturers would say could never be done.  The special embossing and custom vacuum-formed tray further ensured that the new packaging for Financial Crunch was no candy-coated solution.