Creative Collaboration

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Pocketing Great Ambitions

Three maverick entrepreneurs strongly felt that their “curious” concept for high-end, stylish mints could enable them to carve out a profitable niche with in the hyper-competitive candy/mint category. They approached Planet Canit, who helped launch them in a profitable direction. Together we created a sleek, elegant, embossed packaging solution that pulled the heart strings of fashionistas and foodies from New York to LA…eye candy for one chic sweet.


A mint tin to be sure, but one different from any other in the marketplace. A “mint tin” that was an enhancement to the owners’ personal style, causing the user to feel better just holding it and holding on to it. The tin was to be used and then reused—designed and built in such a way that when the mints were gone, the tin would hold a credit card, driver’s license, and a little cash for a night on the town. Planet Canit found a way to transition the package from a confectionary container to a personal accessory.

No Detail Left Unturned

The tin’s cover design is the product hallmark. The cover fits completely over the side of the body, adding to the sleek, slender appearance.  Opening with one hand, the mint tin offers a “thumb slide” view of the product inside as well as a snap-shut, satisfying closure.  The tin’s companion product—a special wax paper, also produced by Planet Canit, and selected and printed to complement the exterior—carries out the design strategy for the Oral Fixation™ branding.