Silver Joe’s Coffee Company

Patent US D535,530

Awards: WorldStar Winner, AmeriStar Winner

Notable: Package Design–Cover
Packaging Digest–Design Article
Brand Packaging–Metal Update

An Out-on-the-Road Feel of Adventure

Silver Joe’s Coffee wanted to go to market with a fully-caffeinated, piping-hot beverage that complemented their adventurous spirit. Mindful of the iconic Airstream design—both innovative and timeless—Silver Joe’s Coffee saw an opportunity to “jolt” the coffee business in exciting new direction.


Thinking past the traditional coffee cylinder, these creative mavericks associated their product with the adventurous Airstream marketplace: upscale, unique, exclusive and inviting. Planet Canit®  teamed up with Silver Joe’s to take this concept into uncharted territory. The emerging premium coffee marketplace is highly competitive, and while cost reduction was not one of the client’s goals, the entrepreneurs knew that to map this product to the early-morning, out-on-the-road feel of adventure, it had to be initially inviting and had to “pay off” in the quality of the package and its contents.

Packaging vs Product

In focus groups conducted prior to launch, 99% of those asked indicated that they would purchase the coffee initially just to have the tin that it comes in. Clearly this tin will remain long after the coffee is enjoyed. Because Silver Joe’s intends to be known as a brand that innovates, the use of this distinctively shaped and designed tin, with multiple emboss levels and unique color and varnish treatments, supported this outdoor adventurer’s claim to “a first of its kind in the marketplace.”