Don’t Mess with Texas

Awards: AmeriStar Winner

Personality–Big as Texas

Never before has any manufacturer truly replicated the shape of the state of Texas in steel. The 28th state, as an 8.5” by 8.5” decorative tin, is unprecedented. Planet Canit’s design and productions teams helped the entrepreneurs at Texas Collectible Tins™  accomplish their goal of bringing a truly collectible product to the state of Texas.


The greatest challenge in bringing this concept to fruition was overcoming the memory retention of the steel. There was concern early in the design phase that after repeated removal of the lid and ongoing handling of the item, it may begin to loose its nearly perfect shape. To ensure that this singularly unique tin retained its perfect shape, Planet Canit decided to add a special structure constructed of ABS plastic for insertion into the cover.  The color-coordinated plastic shape provided stable rigidity and offered an improved structural congruence between the tin body and cover. The combination of all the structural enhancements, both plastic and metal, ensured that the tin shape could withstand packing, shipping, shelving and repeated use without loss of shape.

Classified Collectible

The one-of-a-kind shape and artistic treatments contribute to this tin’s classification as a true collectible. Even without contents, this tin invites purchase simply because of its extraordinary shape. The broad appeal of the tin’s shape, coupled with the beautiful design, beckons a wide audience both inside and outside the “great state.”